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Lunar is a multi-talented and multi-faceted artist and craftsman. He has over 20 years of training and experience in the printing industry. He has worked for many corporate and private companies in various capacities from pre-press to marketing to corporate communications. He also has over 20 years of training and experience in the arts and entertainment industry. From dancer to videographer to producer, Lunar posses a unique range of talent and skills.


My career really started around the age of 12 when my parents bought me a guitar and I began taking guitar lessons with Mr. Dwight Moody, Sr. His influence as a teacher, musician, artist and human being greatly impacted me. I played off and on for several years while being formally trained in rock and jazz guitar idioms by Tim Murray and David Pell. After high school, I decided to enroll in music classes as part of my college transfer credits. I knew I wanted to be in the entertainment industry through music. I studied music theory under Mr. Web Wiggins. It was my first experience with a musical prodigy. Learning music theory under his instruction was another artistic epiphany. Composition became a lot clearer. Some people teach, he enlightened. He made every thing about the training of an artist look easy and natural. His talent was just overflowing “it was astonishing to behold”. I transferred and attended Winthrop University ( formerly Winthrop College) from 1980-1984. I studied classical guitar under Greg Hill and Franklin D. DeGroodt. It was there I was humbled as an artist and a musician. My most profound changes took place there. The classical training I received there continually continues to influence me as an artist. I can’t imagine life without it. Meanwhile, college was so removed from the music industry. During summer breaks I would move to Atlanta to play in bands, but mostly hang out and check out the industry happenings and develop contacts. That place is so cool. Their environment of arts and industry is “synergized”. That has been greatly influencing.

In 1984, due to personal reasons, I returned to Charlotte. I held various jobs and internships within the industry over the years. Playing wedding receptions, A/P& A/R clerk, grass roots marketing coordinator, roadie and sound engineer just to name a few.

In 1986 I also started a career in the printing business. Being trained in printing, design and marketing complemented my existing career in music. I also explored other disciplines of art. From 1986-1988 I studied modern and jazz dance from Mary Ann Mee and. Barbara Howse-Meadows. I ended up being a dancer in a commercial for a national retail chain. In 1989 I wrote, produced, directed and performed in a music video titled “Dance of a Soul”. It debuted at Freedom of Expression. A Film and Video Celebration of local artist at Spirit Square. The event was founded by the late Mykle Mariette.
In 1990. I attended The New Music Seminar and spent several weeks in New York. I consulted with many industry leaders, of the day, on developing and sustaining a career in the music industry with my present talents. The insights I received from those leaders greatly impacted my business model. That same year I officially launched Creation Enterprises my first recording studio. I produced original music projects, artist and provided private instruction in music theory and composition for piano, voice and guitar.

I suffered a personal tragedy from 1996-2001 which placed both careers on hold.

In 2001 I served as panelist on the History/Heritage Grant Committee for the Arts and Science Council .

In 2002 I reopened Creation Enterprises.
In 2005 changed the name to AdoiL Productions.

Presently I’m working on several music projects. Audio recording for web applications. A newly created a product line called “Just Bheatz”. It’s creative and affordable drum grooves and textures for hip-hop, dance and spoken word production. Upcoming tracking on original music project for Christian artist and a sports team just to name a few. I have been a member of the Charlotte Chapter of ITVA, FFOTMFWAC, Charlotte Voice Actors Network. I’ve recently joined ASCAP and NARAS. I am a full-time single parent of my beautiful daughter Lillian.

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