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We are well into 2006 and I hope the year is going great for you. We are approaching the one year anniversary of AdoiL Productions entering the world of cyberspace and taking its rightful place in the World Wide Web. This first year has been very challenging and exciting at the same time. I do hope for a less chaotic schedule in 2006 so that I may increase music production (that’s why I showed up for this gig in the first place).

Here is an update of what’s been going on……………..

The wonderful world of fatherhood has “carved” out my time. School musicals and studying for test have been bidding for my time during late 2005 and beginning of 2006. The remaining time allowed has been spent in AdoiL Productions with improvements remodeling and upgrades. These hardware, software, acoustical and general facility improvements are very much needed and indeed are “growing pains”, but at the same time, they are part of an exciting and unfolding new birth of consciousness for this artist and the way I create and produce my art.

Speaking of art and production………..there are two original music projects that are being“ramped up” for tracking. Production will start in the Spring of 2006………….. The MINews update will be available online in May. Beginning with this issue, I will be featuring more articles that artist/staff of any genre can import immediately into their career. These news briefs are loaded with information and marketing opportunities that exist in present day technologies and trends within the industry. It is projected to be published every other month after this issue……………… The first issue of The Tip is scheduled for this summer. I am working up a new format and direction that will feature much more information on Artist Development, Problem Solving, Marketing and Tips on Songwriting, Recording, Publishing just for starters. After the first issue, it will be published every other month.……………………New additions of The Bheatz product line are scheduled for the Winter of 2006…….Oh yeah I must not forget some of my time has been involved in activities being a carbon based life-form. You know the eating, sleeping etc…stuff (you know sometimes it just gets in the way)……… Take care of yourself.

Until next time
Kind Regards

Thank You
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For visiting our web site. Please feel free to contact me regarding any questions you may have. The first issue of “The Tip” will be out this summer. Updates to follow. We are in the middle of an expansion mode of hardware and software to keep pace with the ever changing technological landscape inherent with audio recording and music creation. I apologize for the slow updates on the “Music Industry News”. As soon as all installs and upgrades are completed and implemented into
production, I will return to a more predictable production schedule and consistency.

Haviland Imaging
June 2, 2005

I would like to thank the creative team for their support and efforts and for helping me bring the web site. into fruition. Erik thanks for your artistic vision and direction.
The work speaks for itself. David Beam thanks for helping me figure out the matrix. It’s Totally Awesome Guys!!!

Studio G
June 3, 2005

A very big thanks to Greg Audrey. I am grateful for your technical knowledge , audio engineering advice , always available support and helping me improve my sound.

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June 4, 2005

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