iVIDEO Designed to help you grow your business!!!
(mini commercials for your website)

1. Inexpensively transform you website into a powerful dynamic marketing tool

2. Brand your business and connect with potential clients by sending iVideo attached to an email

Virtual Tours Sell your Home!!!
(Great for Realtors, Agents, Property Owners, Home Builders or anyone
who wants to effectively sell property)

iVideo Pricing

Intro Packages
$550 up to 5 minutes of edited ivideo
$750 up to 7 minutes of edited ivideo

Bronze Package
$950 up to 10 minutes of edited ivideo

Silver Package
$1300 up to 15 minutes of edited ivideo

Gold Package
$1500 up to 20 minutes of edited ivideo

Divide the minutes of your package into a combination of 30 sec, 45 sec and 60 sec segments to meet your needs.

See iVideo Samples - Go >>

Wedding Packages

Package One........................ $600
1 Camera
1-2 Hours
Ceremony Only
Reception Coverage if time remains
2 DVDís
Simple editing and text for opening title
DVD cover

Package Two...........................$700
1 Camera
3-4 Hours Coverage
Ceremony & Reception
3 DVDís
Edited Footage
DVD Cover / Graphics Only
DVD Chapters / Major Events

Package Three.......................$850
1 Camera
5-6 Hours Coverage
Ceremony & Reception
4 DVDís
DVD Chapters Major & Minor Events
Edited Footage / Special Fxís / Graphics
DVD Cover Photo w/ Graphics


VIDEO PACKAGES (Call for Special Pricing)

Wedding DVD Capturing the event of a lifetime!!!
(Attention to detail is given from ceremony to reception of this special occasion)

Sports and Recreation DVD Create an athletic resume for talent scouts, college recruiting!!!
(Recording the sports enthusiast in their element at any level. Great for any sports organization)

Instructional DVD Grow your business!!!
(Effectively market, promote and sell your skills and technical instructions.
Great for personal trainers, dance, martial arts and yoga instructors)

Product Demonstration DVD Grow your business!!!
(Great for product presentations, retail and trade show loops)

Lifestyle and Memories DVD Document family history for future generations!!!
(Creating lasting memories of loved ones, special lifetime moments and emotions that you
will cherish for a lifetime. Great for Family Tributes, Reunions, Lifetime Achievements)

Legal/ Estate Planning DVD Protect your estate!!!
(Videos of Wills, Trust, Power of Attorney, Depositions)

Insurance/Arts, Antiques and Valuable Property DVD Protect your property!!!
(Documentation for insurance, appraisals, auctions, selling etc..)

Video details include:

  • Type of object - painting, sculpture, clock, watch.
  • Materials and techniques - brass, wood, oil, carved, cast, etched.
  • Measurements - size and weight.
  • Inscriptions and markings - signature, dedication, title, purity mark.
  • Distinguishing features - damage, repairs, manufacturing defects.
  • Title - name of painting or sculpture.
  • Subject - what is pictured or represented.
  • Maker - an individual, company or artistic group.
  • Date or period of the maker or artist - art deco, contemporary etc.


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