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Let’s meet in the “arena of Ideas” and get a fresh perspective of the industry. Our newsletter and podcast are designed to achieve that very goal—they are packed with industry information and events. Read the newsletter and download the podcast to arm yourself with knowledge to create and enlarge your career opportunities. The newsletter is comprehensive, while selected articles are in podcast and offer additional analysis and commentary. Sign up today for email delivery of the newsletter and podcasts.

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AdoiL Productions is a PC and Mac based environment supplying creative and production audio-visual solutions. Our non-destructive editing environment is designed to facilitate the demands and flexibility of your projects.


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We produce “ivideo commercials” that can be viewed from your Website, iPod, DVD, Mobile phone, or any handheld device. Studies show that video influences customer buying decisions by 72%, and that the web presence of small businesses has significantly increased in recent years. Get an edge on your competition by integrating these powerful new marketing tools.

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New artist & original music coming soon.

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